chameleon effect - pt 6

Sharpies Coloring Video Series by Coloring Pages Bliss – Part 6 – Chameleon Effect

chameleon effect - pt 6

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I really love the marker technique hack in Part 6.

You’ve heard of Chameleon pens? They’re pretty cool. They’re color-changing pens that give a gradient effect to your coloring, BUT they’re also very expensive.

Jennifer Stay, the owner of Coloring Pages Bliss, demonstrates an easy and inexpensive alternative to get a similar effect using Sharpies.

You can use this technique to create beautiful flower pedals or leaves where you want to showcase two colors.

Both use regular and ultra fine sharpies can be used to create this look.

All you do is kiss the tips of two markers together vertically (straight up and down), like in the image below.

sharpie chameleon effect

NOTE: It’s best to kiss the darker color (top) to the lighter marker (bottom).

Check out the video below to see how this is done, then scroll down to see the samples I made.

REMEMBER: Use alcohol-based to alcohol-based markers and water-based to water-based markers.

Here are the examples I made.

examples - chameleon effect
example - chameleon effect
example - chameleon effect flower petal

examples - chameleon effect flowers

NOTE: When using this method, marker tips may stain, but as long as you color them out on a scrap piece of paper, they’ll work okay. Stained tips may look ugly but it doesn’t hurt anything as long as the ink comes out the color that it should be.

example - colorless alcohol ink

As you also saw in the video, Jennifer’s 19-year-old son figured out a brilliant way to make colorless alcohol ink using something commonly found around the house–cotton swabs and regular rubbing alcohol.

Here are my experiments with that.

No special tools needed or big expense to get this really neat and fun coloring technique! But if you need some Sharpies, you can find them by clicking the image below:

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Have you tried any of these coloring methods? If so, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Here’s to more coloring, WITH Sharpies!


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