Sharpies Video Series - pt 1

Sharpies Coloring Video Series by Coloring Pages Bliss: Part 1 – 5

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Sharpies Video Series - pt 1

Part 1

I don’t remember how I ran into Jennifer Stay’s Coloring Bliss (formerly Coloring Page Bliss) adult coloring video tutorials, but I clearly remember the first one I viewed was her New Secret Coloring Weapon (30+minutes). It impressed me because I’d never thought of using a ‘secret’ weapon like that before with my coloring.

Before you go running off to check that out, stay here to watch her 10 minute video on Sharpie Coloring Secrets, Part 1 – where you will learn about the properties of Sharpies to be aware of, best storage solutions and paper most recommended for these pens.

I really enjoy Jennifer’s videos because they are informative, interesting and I learn lots of tricks about coloring I didn’t know.

Recommended Materials:

Sharpie Markers


You can use just about anything for storing your markers, but Jennifer recommends laying them flat so the ink stays dispersed and won’t dry out.

I found the wire storage container below at a thrift store.

sharpies storage

Here are a couple others I like on Amazon. The 3 drawer wood art storage box is definitely on my wish list. 😉 If you consider the 96 hole holder, you might want to use it on its side so the markers will stay horizontal (or flat) instead of vertical (standing up).


Part 2

In Jennifer Stay’s 2nd Sharpie Coloring Secrets video, she demonstrates shading with texture.

With 3 simple strokes – stippling, cross hatching, and one I’d never seen before, you can add a lot of dimension to your coloring pages! (I’ll let you discover  the 3rd stroke on her 5 1/2 minute video.)

You may be thinking, “I can’t use markers very well and besides, if I mess up, it will look horrible!”

That was my thought until I saw Part 2 of Jennifer’s series where I learned several ‘tricks’ and was inspired to have some fun and try!

I’d like to encourage you as well to play and experiment with Sharpies! Don’t let your Worry Bone have its way!

I tried my hand at these techniques of shading with texture and you can see them below.

stippling and cross hatching-sm

You can get Sharpie markers just about anywhere, but I found some I thought were cool at Amazon (via my affiliate links) that are pretty reasonably priced. Check them out below:

Part 3

Markers never really appealed to me until recently.

I’ve always loved the vibrant colors, but even as a child, they never seemed like great coloring tool because they’re too bold, uneven, and once you make a mistake, you’re done.

Fortunately I’ve found some tricks that make using markers fun and appealing!

I realized I can use the boldness and unevenness to my advantage, and even mistakes aren’t as scary anymore!

I was really dumbfounded by the techniques Jennifer shows in Part 3 on blending Sharpie markers.

Blend markers? Um…my assumption was that it wasn’t possible and/or it would end up looking like mud.

Nope! I was WRONG!

Checkout this 9 minute video below and find out what you can do even if you only have 1-3 markers available. You’re gonna love it!

What do you think? I bet you can’t wait to get out your markers and try these techniques!

I had to try right away.

The only problem was I didn’t have a REAL set of Sharpie markers. Well, that’s not exactly the truth. I had a few (half dozen or so) miscellaneous odd colored Sharpies with the regular tips, but no greens.

However, I was anxious to get started and I did have a set of ultra fine tip Sharpies I added to my beginner set of coloring tools a few months ago. There were a few shades of green in that set, but I was concerned about the tiny tips and wondered if they were going to blend well. I chose smaller leaves to experiment with since I didn’t want to be coloring forever (or ruin the tips in one sitting). 

Here’s a photo of the technique using the ultra fine tips.

Ultra Fine Tip Sharpie Blending

I need more practice for sure, and I don’t really recommend trying these tips for this method. It’s not that easy and can look streaky. 

Experimenting with the ultra fines made me want to try regular Sharpies though.

Really bad.

So much so that the need for instant gratification overtook me and I succumbed to not just one set, but two sets at Walmart! (Sometimes Amazon just takes TOO long!) 😉 😀

Only a coloring addict understands…

They were under $20 for a total of 45 markers so I didn’t feel too bad about it. Plus, Mother’s Day was right around the corner… (We coloring enthusiasts can rationalize till the cows come home, can’t we?!) 😀

Regular Sharpies

Here are the exact sets I got at Walmart, but I noticed the prices are higher then what I paid.

Sharpie Permanent Markers Limited Edition 21ct Value Pack

Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Markers, Assorted, 24-pack

(Unfortunately my picture doesn’t show the limited edition markers before I took them out of the package. Also, the markers in the bottom right corner above, are ultra fine tipped pens.)

Here’s my version of the technique using regular Sharpie markers that Jennifer showed in the video above. Again, I need more practice.

Regular Tip Sharpie Blending

Are you loving this series as much as I am?

Part 4

In Part 4 of the Sharpie Coloring Video Series Jennifer demonstrates a flick blending marker technique to blend 2-3 colors.

Although I like the effect of flick blending, this is my least favorite.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed the series and learned a lot!

The reason this isn’t my favorite method is because of my wrists. (Tendinitis from back in the day.)

Though Jennifer shows a very gentle and light flicking stroke, I wouldn’t be able to do much of it at one time. That doesn’t mean I won’t use it at all!

Anyway, let’s move on to the video so you can see how it’s done! 😉

Here’s my attempt at this marker technique.

I definitely need practice.

sharpies - flick blending

How do you like this Sharpie coloring technique?

Part 5

Part 5 of Coloring Pages Bliss’ Sharpie video series shows us how to:
-Color with a light sharpie base layer
-Blend and shade over that with colored pencils

As Jennifer suggests, this is nice easy way to lay on color and blend without a lot of work. It also saves on expensive pencils, since you’re mainly highlighting and shading with them.

Go check out this short (3:29 m) marker technique:

Here’s a sample of my work. I really enjoyed this method and decided to try using a couple extra colors to add more depth.

That’s it for Parts 1-5! To see Part 6 and Part 7, scroll down just a little.



Find Part 6 and Part 7 here:

Part 6

Part 7

Here’s to more coloring, WITH Sharpies!


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