Motivation and Inspiration: New Year Reset

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For me the NEW YEAR always spurs forward movement. Right after Christmas I begin to feel the tug to reset.

I don’t do resolutions but I like fresh starts. It’s a time for me to get my new calendars and planners together and brainstorm various plans for the upcoming year.

For me this includes stuff like making a list of content I want to write about, products I want to create, and homeschooling plans and projects we’d like to complete.

I don’t map out all the details, but it gives me a ‘dirt road’ plan, of sorts. I like flexibility.

Speaking of flexibility, motivation and inspiration ebbs and flows at various times, so don’t get discouraged when it’s not flowing. I’ve compiled a list to help you with some ideas you can use to spur activity ideas around motivation and inspiration.

  • Get out your own fresh calendar and set it up with all your important info for the new year.
  • Make a list of what you’d like to accomplish this year. Make it as simple as a list of crafts you’d like to try, classes you’d like to take, or books you’d like to read.
  • Set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes and just dump your brain on paper. Write down everything that comes to mind. About your plans for the year, about these two words, about anything. Organize your thoughts and you might be surprised by what you’ll come up with–and how inspiring it can be.
  • Look up some quotes using these words and journal them, or type them up and print them to hang on a wall or cupboard as a reminder.
  • Read inspirational stories.
  • Garden. I know, for many of us it isn’t the season, but start some herbs, or try using some of your veggie junk to grow a new plant. This can be done with all kinds of things such as potatoes, carrots, lettuce and many more. Be inspired by the new growth!
  • Take some time outdoors. Getting outside air is refreshing and healing. Look at the sights, listen to the smells and take in the aromas. I especially love the sound of water whether it’s a babbling brook or crashing waves at the ocean. There’s something about it that gives you a new perspective.
  • Do something creative like drawing, coloring, painting, crocheting or whatever your thing is. Just express yourself through your creations. Then, don’t forget to share! Inspire others with your art. You have no idea how it might motivate them to try it too.
  • Listen to music. There’s nothing like music to get me moving, especially with the dreaded housework that is ever calling! Whether you’re doing a puzzle, washing dishes, or just sitting and listening, take some time to create a playlist of your favorites and let the music inspire you.
  • Journal. You can write in a journal, but journaling can be other things too. Doodling journals (use coupon code: ko140cd for $10 off), photo journals, or junk journals are another inspirational way to record bits of your personality and life.
  • Get a laugh daily! Seriously, read a joke book, watch cat or dog videos or even gag videos to get a laugh. It’s much needed for your brain to feel inspired and joyful.

How do you reset in the new year? What motivates or inspires you? What fresh starts do you work on? Tell me in the comments.

Motivation – a reason for doing something, being eager to act or work
Inspiration – something that makes you want to do something or that gives you an idea about what to do or create, a good idea

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