Interview Spotlight: Sue Fleckenstein of Createful Journals


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Journals and Planners Aplenty

There are so many people on the internet creating journals, planners and other similar products, but that’s a good thing because there’s a large market eating them up.

It’s a blessing because that means there is something for everyone.

As a book creator myself, I feel it’s also a blessing because I can’t possibly create products that will appeal to everyone. We all have different styles, abilities and time limitations, so we NEED each other.

Sharing is Caring

That’s why I want to share with you one of the creatives I’ve been following for approximately 4 years. In that time, I’ve come to know the quality she offers and feel it would be very selfish of me to keep her to myself and not share about what she does so you can benefit too!

Meet Sue Fleckenstein of Createful Journals!

Sue creates journals, planners and printables.

Along with that, she offers a signature course on using PowerPoint to create journals and planners, a journal prompt membership club and services for custom projects.

I’ve purchased many journals and planners from Sue, including her course on PowerPoint. Several of the processes and tips I learned in this course helped me in the process of creating my own books for sale.

I highly recommend her because I know she infuses top quality in her products.

Benefits of Sue’s Products

  • Affordable prices
  • Beautiful designs
  • Useful Layouts
  • I’ve already mentioned quality, but I want to emphasize it, especially if you work with her templates to create journals and planners for re-sale. She creates them in such a way that makes them easy and quick to modify.

(I’ve been around this market for a while observing and buying and not everyone provides the same quality. Some templates are a REAL bear to work with. Time consuming and difficult–not good!)

Get to Know Sue

Sue has graciously agreed to answer a few questions so you can learn more about her.

Me: How long have you been creating journals, planners and printables?

Sue: I have been doing journals and printables for almost 2 years. Before that I did PLR articles and reports, but find printables more interesting and fun & profitable!

Me: What’s your favorite part of creating them?

Sue: Putting them together in PowerPoint.

Me: Most challenging part?

Sue: Deciding on the niche or topic of each journal or planner.

Me: What’s your favorite digital tool for creating these products?

Sue: PowerPoint but Adobe Acrobat Pro and Photoshop round out my top tools.

Behind the scenes of one of Sue’s favorite digital tools, PowerPoint.

Me: Do you have a tip you can share about this process?

Sue: If you are using one of my templates always work from a copy, so you have the original to refer back too. Don’t be scared to try out new things, play with adding images using transparency and some of the 3 D effect options to your work. It takes time to learn PowerPoint but it makes adding images and graphics so much easier than doing the same in Word. The more you do the better you get at creating and customizing them.

Me: What are your top 3 product recommendations?

Sue: My Signature Course – Turning Your Templates into Journals and Planners

Let’s Get Published – Helps new people understand the publishng business and covers Amazon, KDP and Lulu.

Journal Prompts Monthlyit’s only $5 a month and comes with 30 journal prompts related to each month, a list of holiday events, calendar and 5 PowerPoint templates. The holiday event calendar is huge if you are looking for niches for journals – not sure how many people actually pick up on this.

Me: Do you have any words of wisdom or a favorite quote you’d like to share?

Sue: I like quotes that are inspirational such as: Creativity is Experimenting, Growing, Taking Risks, Breaking Rules, Making Mistakes & Having Fun.

Me: Are you a colorist? If so, what might be in your coloring kit? If not, what might be in your journaling kit?

Sue: I keep on planning to do some coloring and haven’t yet, maybe this winter I will. My journaling kit consists of a yearly planner and then just plain lined notebooks which I use for notes – especially when I am out I take it along and make notes while waiting at appointments for example.

Me: On a more personal note, what is your favorite flower? (I’m asking because I’m a flower lover and my subscribers know it.)

Sue: I love Sweet Peas they are so delicate and fragrant. Yellow roses are next as they were my moms favorite flower, never had luck growing them though with our Canadian winters.

Me: What hobbies do you enjoy?

Sue: Love to travel, cook, taking photos and just being outside as much as possible.

Me: Where can folks follow you and find out more about your products?

Sue: I am on Social Media in a couple of places.

Createful Journals GroupThis is for those who are interested in commercial right templates and publishing on KDP.

Createful Printables Facebook PageThis is more for people who want to use journals, planners and printables for themselves, they are happy to download PDF versions and use them.



I also have a Shopify Store that is more for personal use items, this is something I am testing out.

But my main business is over at Createful Journals.

Behind the scenes of some of Sue’s journals.

Thanks for participating with us, Sue!

Other Reasons to Get to Know Sue

Every time I’ve connected with Sue, she’s been nice and helpful and has provided useful information.

She’s also generous.

  • If you want to tell your friends and family about her products, she’s set up an affiliate program where you can earn a commission when someone makes a purchase from your link.
  • She’s offered YOU a DISCOUNT! You can SAVE 20% on any of her products by using COUPON CODE: SHERISAVES

**Be sure to use the code when you are in check out area.**

My Recommendations

(Affiliate links are used throughout this post.)

For Purchase:

Signature Course – Turning Your Templates into Journals and Planners

Journal Prompts Monthly

Createful Printables

For Free:

30 Days of Free Printables

Go check out Sue’s products and connect with her online.
You’ll be glad you did! 🙂

Here’s to more coloring and journaling!


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