Homeschool Hours Tracker For Homeschool Record Keeping

Homeschool Hours Tracker For Homeschool Record Keeping

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Make your daily homeschool record keeping a breeze with this homeschool hours tracker! Whether those well laid out plans are going smoothly or life has happened and thrown you a curve ball, like homeschooling, this log is flexible! You can easily keep track of your homeschooling activities and hours in this simple planner.

What exactly is this homeschool planner?

This homeschool tracking tool is simply a daily activity log for homeschooling parents to write down what’s been accomplished academically, as well as when, with whom, and for how long. Aside from it being a good overview from day to day, it’s also a great reference from year to year too.

Homeschool Planner & Hour Tracker: 180-Day Undated Daily Lessons with Time Tracking

(One a side note - the tracker above is the one I'll be using this year. Last year I used the red one you'll see below.)

Who needs this homeschooling tracker?

Anyone who is homeschooling – Moms, Dads, and Grandmothers (like me)! Especially anyone in those categories who are overwhelmed! Reduce your frustration by tracking homeschool hours in a simple way so that at a glance, you know what’s been accomplished and what’s still needing to be finished.

How many pages are there and what’s in it?

There are 185 pages. Most importantly are the undated Daily Lessons forms (more specifics in a minute). There are 180 forms to meet most homeschooling requirements. (Please check your own state’s or country’s homeschooling laws for your requirements.)


There’s also a Belongs To page where you can write your name or homeschool name. I forgot to add a line to record the year range when creating the book, but there is space to add it if you’d like.

There are two other pages I want to mention. The first one is the Sample page near the front of the book that gives you an example of how to fill it in.

The final page is the 2020-21 Academic Year-At-A-Glance calendar page. Obviously it’s old for the upcoming 21-22 school year. In hind sight, I realized it’s not a useful feature in an undated book! You can either tear out the page or use it to attach a new year-at-a-glance calendar, which is what I’m sure I’ll be doing.

What’s on the Daily Lessons form?

Each form features:

  • Date line at the top left
  • Day (M-F) at the top right – you circle which day you’re on
  • 8 Subject/Activity boxes laid out equally on each page (described below)
  • Total Time for the day (at the bottom of the form)

Within each Subject/Activity box you’ll find:

  • Subject line
  • Subject Start and End Times
  • Activity Lines (3 lines for multiple activities or for up to 3 children)
  • Break Start and End Times

How do I use this tracker/planner?

You can either fill it in ahead, as you go, or a little of both. (This is what I do–a little of both, and I do it in pencil at first so that I can make any needed changes.)

To help you see how it’s filled out, there is a Sample Page in the front of the book that I mentioned earlier.

TIP: I find it useful to use various colors of pens to differentiate information, topics and/or kids.

One thing that bothers me about this tracker is that there isn’t any extra space for notes or other information. Unfortunately if you make a book too thick it won’t lay flat enough so you can write in it easily. In order to make sure there were 180 forms and still have it work on a desk fairly well, something had to go. I solve the problem by using any other spaces I’ve not filled around the page. In a few cases I’ve attached notes to a page where it was necessary.

homeschool time tracker and planner
I used this tracker last year. Homeschool Time Tracker & Planner

How big is this book and what does it look like?

This book is 8.5″ wide x 11″ tall and about a half inch thick. (It fits great in a backpack to take on the go–great for carschooling or RVers!)

There are 4 variations of covers to give you options in looks–shown throughout this post. All four trackers have the same black and white interior as described above. What might seem strange to you is the fact that they all have different titles. It’s a publishing thing I’m still learning but it has nothing to do with what’s inside the book.

TIP: To see the inside of my books so you know what you're getting, make sure you click on the Look Inside Feature!

-Look for the top left image on any listing.
-It might take a second to load, but you should see the words, "Look Inside" with an arrow pointing toward the inside of the book.
-Click on that.
-It will take a second to load, but when it does, you should be able to scroll through the pages.

On my books I noticed it shows everything I've described in this post--which are the most important features and benefits of the book, but you won't find that on all book listings. This Look Inside tool is built to only show a certain percentage of any book and sometimes there is no Look Inside feature at all.


-Quickly and easily record your activities and hours.
-Simple, easy to use layout.
-Reduces your frustration by being an easy tracking tool to use and see what’s been done. Great daily resource, as well as year to year overview!
-180 forms for homeschooling requirements.
-I love this handy tracker because I can conveniently lay it out on my desk and refer to it every day or pack it in a bag and take it wherever we’re headed for the day.


-It lacks extra space to write notes and other information.
-I already mentioned the 20-21 academic year-at-a-glance calendar.

On a humorous note:
When I was looking back at my listings for this tracker I noticed that I had written on the description,
“An Academic Year-At-A-Glance 2020-2021 Calendar (July-June), but it can be used any year.”
Why would I write that it can be used any year? I think I must have meant the book itself could be used any year, NOT the Year-At-A-Glance Calendar! Haha! Ah well, I got a good chuckle out if it, and maybe you did too!


In conclusion, this fairly priced and easy to use homeschool hours tracker will minimize your frustration and overwhelm of daily homeschool record keeping. Feel at ease with this system, and don’t forget all your homeschooling friends and relatives. They’re going to need a copy too!

Homeschool Time Tracker and Planner: 180-Day Undated Daily Lessons

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