favorite coloring books for adults

3 Favorite Coloring Books for Adults

favorite coloring books for adults

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Coloring Books for Adults, Here to Stay

As we know coloring books have been around for years and years but the last few years has brought about a surge of coloring books for adults that’s sticking around.


  • You colored as a child and you’ve continued or rediscovered the hobby
  • You use this activity as a distraction from a health condition
  • You have another reason

It has value and it’s here to stay.

Benefits of Coloring

Coloring is not going away because there are a multitude of benefits from doing it. At first you might feel silly, but if you like it and continue, you will begin to identify the worth of the activity. I complied a list of benefits of coloring you might like to see

Just like the numerous benefits, there are abundant amounts of coloring books, packs, pages and materials available to devour!

Nearly everyone has heard of the extremely popular Secret Garden by Johanna Basford. It’s a beautiful book by the way, but there are lots of lesser-known artists who are talented and have awesome designs to color that you should know about!

Here are 3 of my favorite lesser-known artist/authors I think you’ll enjoy:

Fairies - Denyse Klette

Denyse Klette – Denyse is a multi-talented artist who draws, paints and sculpts clay. (I wouldn’t be surprised if she does more, but that’s what I’ve seen so far!)

She’s well known amongst colorists for her coloring books on Fairies, Mermaids, and the latest, Gnomes. (Perfect timing with the new Gnomes movie coming out!)

In the spirit of transparency, I don’t have any of Denyse’s books yet, but have seen many of the designs colored by colorists who’ve posted them on Instagram and other social media.

Fairies - Denyse Klette

The beautiful colored images you see (left – fairy sitting on a bouquet of flowers, right – fairy sleeping on ornamental tree limbs) are colored by Tica of ticagd on Instagram.

In fact, seeing all the fun designs she’s colored REALLY makes me want the books, but like many of you, I don’t have an unlimited coloring budget. (One day I’ll get it and be posting about it, that’s for sure!) 😀

Fabulous florals Adult coloring book

Tina Golden – Tina is an artist who’s authored several books including the one I have, Fabulous Florals that you can read about here. I especially like this book because of the pretty hand-drawn flowers in it.

If you go to her author page on Amazon you can see all her books as well as view video flip-throughs she’s produced of her art.

Evan ‘Doodle Dood’ Brown – Evan is a unique artist/illustrator who’s published a coloring book called, The Doodle Dood Organic Coloring Book.

Doodle Dood

Again, I don’t own this book, but before creating my first post about him, he graciously gave me some samples that I enjoyed coloring. You can see one of Doodle Dood’s Suess-like designs to the right that I’ve colored, but you can also see other designs of his here.

Have you heard of these artists or seen their work? If not, go check them out!

What’s one of your favorite adult coloring book authors? I’d love to know in the comments below.

Here’s to more coloring!


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