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Fabulous Florals & Floral Design Day (2/28/17)

Fabulous florals book

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According to DaysOfTheYear.com this is Floral Design Day! Although it was originally created to commemorate the birthday of Boston a floral designer, everyone can take time to appreciate floral designs in many ways today.

I’ve appreciated flowers from a young age.

purple paisleyI appreciated them so much that my mother had to provide me with a supply of pansies so I wouldn’t pick her other special flowers. She chose pansies, because you can pick and pick them and they will continue to grow and blossom, unlike some of her other’s that once they were picked, were done!

Even into young adulthood my interest in flowers flourished.

Pink Doodle ColoringAt one point I looked into floral design school in Boston, taking a tour and getting the opportunity to observe others as well as make some fun stuff. I really enjoyed it but never went back. I don’t remember why, but it was probably the cost. However, I did get a couple flower shop jobs after that. Most of my time was spent taking orders and stuffing greenery in millions of containers for the holidays, but I actually didn’t mind it and I loved the aroma!

Yellow and Blue FlowersThe part I loved the most were the times I had the opportunity to get creative and make actual arrangements. Most of my arrangements even sold. 🙂 That ‘phase’ of my life didn’t last long. I would have liked to have learned more, but life took other twists and turns. I still love flowers and always will!

I’ve expressed my love for flowers over the years in many ways, but one of the most recent is via coloring.

Several months ago I purchased Fabulous Florals, Pen and Pixel Fusion Volume 2, written and illustrated by Tina Golden. I was excited to get it because I had met Tina in an online class and knew she was talented from what I had seen and heard. Though I already had a few coloring books from local stores, Tina’s coloring book is the first in my collection from someone I knew, at least in a virtual way. 🙂

Since you now know a little of my flower-lover history, you can safely assume I was not disappointed by the beautiful floral art in this book!

purple and orange flowersThere are three types of designs showcased: symmetrical mandalas, soothing patterns and free-form floral designs. Tina’s Pen and Pixel Fusion designs are a mix of her own original hand-drawn artwork transformed and enhanced by a variety of digital tools.

Purple FlowersSo far I’ve enjoyed some ‘me’ time (as well as some creative expression and stress relief) coloring 5 of Tina’s designs using Sharpies or CraZArt colored pencils. When writing this post, I realized all of the ones I’ve colored so far are the free-form florals. I think that’s because I’m not much of a mandala or pattern person, but that won’t stop me from coloring Tina’s beautiful art!

This book is 8.5″ x 11″, has 30 designs, and 3 blotter pages to insert behind the design you’re coloring to protect the designs underneath from wet media, like markers. If you’d like to see all the designs in the book, Tina’s made a nice video walk-through below. 

If you’re itching to express your creativity, take some much needed downtime, or just plain appreciate flowers, check out Tina’s book! It’s the perfect time with spring in the air!

Get Fabulous Florals book via my affiliate link HERE or find Tina’s other coloring book titles HERE.

Here’s to more coloring,


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