Doodle Dood Coloring Book

Adult Coloring for Men: Doodle Dood Organic Coloring Book

Doodle Dood Coloring Book

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Among the new coloring book author/illustrators popping up, here’s a guy that will stand out!

Don’t let the title fool you though, his Suess-style illustrations will appeal to all ages, men and women alike, as he takes you to his far-away world where you have “freedom to express yourself however you please!”

Evan Brown, aka “Doodle Dood,” whose fun designs are an out-of-this-world combo of art and illustration, says his work is, “primarily driven by a desire to use creativity to promote positivity, growth, and change in the minds of our impressionable youth.”

Beside enjoying “all things out of the ordinary” himself, and creating designs with names like “Wacky Mandala” (my favorite) and “A Wrinkle In Time,” Evan says he wants “nothing more than to create stuff that makes people smile!”

Doodle Dood - gel pens

In this day and age of confusion and lack of security, it seems he has some respectable ‘causes,’ or ‘whys,’ behind what he does.

How all of this started.

While away at University, Evan realized he wasn’t happy with the way things were going with his art, so he decided to open an Instagram account and post a daily doodle with the hopes of adding new ‘spark’ to his brand.

Now, almost a year and 3000+ Instagram followers later, Evan was inspired to select 30 of his favorite designs and create a new adult coloring book just for you! Available on Amazon NOW, right in time for Christmas giving!

Doodle Dood - sharpie

In The Doodle Dood Organic Coloring Book, Evan pulls you, Suess-style, into a realm of his own making where he

Welcomes creatures of all shapes and sizes, for here in my world, there are no disguises! I welcome all plants and all animals too, and here in my world…I especially welcome you!

In a rather dismal world, Evan has provided a fun and entertaining way of ‘escape’ for at least a short while! 😀

Here’s where you can find the book on Amazon, just click on the book image above to get there.

Doodle Dood - prismacolor premier

As you’ve seen, I’ve sprinkled 3 photos into this post of one of Evan’s designs that I colored. It’s my favorite because of the uneven flowery butterfly look.

I’ve colored it with three different coloring media:

  • GelWriter Gel Pens at the top, using metalic oranges, greens, and blues.
  • Sharpie Markers about mid-way using purples, oranges and yellow.
  • Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils toward the bottom using greens, and it’s not completed yet.

Here’s a sample of some other designs in Evan’s new book:

To see larger images and more of Evan’s work, you can find him on Instagram or Facebook.

Be sure to connect with Evan or go buy his book!

Here’s to more coloring!


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