3D Coloring Pages Flower Paper Craft

Creative Gifts for Women: Flower Paper Craft

creative gifts for women - flower paper craft - 500

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Do you have women on your gift list who are creative but you’re not sure what to get them?

This gift is not just a creative gift for women, but a great gift for creative women. 

What’s cool is, it’s not only a coloring activity, but it’s a 3D flower paper craft set that you can either get for your loved one to complete themselves, OR get it and create it for them!

Even better, buy a set for both of you, so you can create it together! This ‘kills 2 birds with one stone’ and there is nothing better than the gift of time with the people we love!

Fun, creative and social!

Andreja Vucajnk of EasyPeasyFun.com created this pretty 3D Coloring Pages Flower Paper Craft (with detailed instructions included) that can be given to a friend or relative who loves flowers, coloring and/or crafty stuff. It’s a great way to say, “I love you!”

I purchased Andreja’s paper flower craft because I love doing crafty, hands-on things. (And if you know me much, you don’t have to question whether I like coloring or flowers. Just look me up on Instagram for proof!)

Anyway, I also bought the set to pretty-up an inspiration board I created at the beginning of the year. Here are a few pictures of the process and completed flower:

leaves - flower paper craft
flower-petals - flower paper craft
flower assembling - flower paper craft
flower assembling - flower paper craft
flower assembling - flower paper craft 2
Inspiration and Motivation board started 2017

(Completed flower – top right.)

Looks like a fun coloring project, huh? You can buy it HERE.

Here’s to more coloring!


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creative gifts for women - flower paper craft - 500

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