This is a collection of various techniques I’ve used in my own coloring that you might want to try too. Some are from videos I found, others are from articles around the internet or just what I’ve done in my own creative time. I’ll be adding to the page as I find new or different techniques I’d like to share with you, so be sure to stop back!

Doodle-Coloring – For Everyone

I’m not really sure if this is an ‘official’ technique (shown on the left), but it is one everyone can do and I especially love it because you can DOodle anything you want! 😉 Vary the shapes, lines, colors and texture of your doodles for fun and to unwind.

HERE are some other doodles you can use to enhance your coloring pages from Coloring Book Club.

And speaking of dots, you should try stippling. Stippling is making tiny dots to decorate or shade areas of the coloring page design. You can see a sample I did HERE.

If you want really bright and vibrant pages you should try this SECRET WEAPON technique.

Beginner Techniques

This is a grayscale technique, pencil blending by Nikki Burnette. An easy technique using just one hue to color a grayscale fantasy image. (Video is almost 5 mins.)

More grayscale tips by Peta Hewitt. This video gives great details about using light and dark colors to bring a grayscale image to life. (Video is almost 14 mins.)

Here’s to more coloring!


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Updated 4/24/2020