benefits of coloring

Life seems to happen at the speed of light. People and technology in non-stop action.

Because of this constant change and movement, it’s vital to occasionally withdraw. Unplug. Take a few minutes for yourself.

There are many creative activities to help you unwind from the world, so pick something and give it a try!

Today I’m encouraging you to discover the benefits of coloring:

  • AAcceptance among other coloring enthusiasts and creatives and Activity level lowered
  • BBrain fitness and wellness
  • CCreative release, Choices in coloring styles and color palettes, increased Concentration, and a Collection of enjoyable supplies and materials you can use with coloring 
  • DDiscovery of coloring techniques and materials to try
  • EEye-hand coordination and motor control are exercised through coloring and other creative activities, Enjoyment, they are Easy to do
  • FFreebies available, increased Focus , Fun for you, your children or grandchildren!
  • GGroup collaboration and engagement and Giveaways around the internet 
  • HHobby time
  • IInteraction – online or offline (check what’s available in your area, especially libraries), Inexpensiveor at least it can be
  • JJoin coloring or creative groups for even more interaction
  • KKnowledge of what you like in coloring
  • LLeisurely activity
  • MMood adjuster when feeling angry or upset
  • NNeed for new supplies! 😀
  • OOverworked, overwhelmed, or out of sorts? Overcome! By stabilizing those feelings with coloring
  • PPleasure, Personal artwork of your own, and Pain diversion for many health issues 
  • QQuick break-time pursuit
  • RRelaxing, and Rewarding to have a beautiful piece of art to show off
  • SSerenity, Stress-relief when you need an escape or a mental break, Simple, and it’s a great Social activity
  • TTrying to do too much? Color 10 to 20 minutes
  • UUnwind
  • VVariety
  • WWillingness to take time for yourself
  • luXury/eXtravagance – Okay so I took liberties with these two! But we all need to treat ourselves sometime with something a little eXtra!
  • YYou’re only in the moment when you are coloring
  • ZZone out

Are you slowing down enough to enjoy the benefits of coloring or some other creative interest?

Can you add any benefits to the list? If so, please contact me here.

Updated 4/23/2020