Coloring to Relieve Stress


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Adult coloring may not be understood by all, but for us it’s a pleasant diversion and reminds us of simpler times in our lives when we  were children.

Beside being a fun pastime, it’s an escape, a mental break filled with benefits that help relieve stress.

Adult Coloring Is Calming

When you get overwhelmed, overworked or anxious you are experiencing a response from a little part of your brain called the amygdala. It gets worked up and leaves you feeling panicked. Coloring is one of the activities that calms the amygdala, helping you focus more positively with life experiences.

Adult Coloring Encourages Mindfulness

Coloring a page for adults takes time, effort, precision and careful thought. Practicing these help you develop mindfulness.

Taking your time and being intentional expands your focus and concentration. When you learn to focus and be genuinely present in the moment, you learn to be more mindful.

Mindfulness helps other areas of your life beside stress, such as finding enjoyment in the simple things and being more present in life.

Adult Coloring Relieves Stress

Stress is often thought of negatively, but some forms are beneficial and help you focus on things that need your attention. This kind of positive stress motivates you to work harder and more efficiently. However, when stress is overwhelming, it’s negative. This kind of negative stress occurs when you focus on things you can’t change in life no matter how hard you think about them or focus on them. Usually it’s from worry, an impossible emotion!

Adult coloring books take your mind off the things you are concerned about and help you focus on the here and now, or mindless zoning for a while. Sometimes you even walk away from your coloring page with a renewed sense of energy and a newfound sense of peace thanks to a period of stress relief.

Adult coloring books and journals are an excellent way to improve mental health and ease your stress levels.

Even if you don’t suffer from health issues, use adult coloring books to improve your life.

Here’s to more coloring AND journaling!


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