Coloring Techniques: Stippling

photoscope-bloom-stippled-and-eye-shadow(Affiliate links used throughout this post.)

I colored another Bloom that will be coming out in a future PhotoScope Blooms volume. It really is addicting to color them. 😀

I used Sharpie fine tip markers and stippled most of the design.

(Stippling is basically just making tiny dots with the tip of the marker.)

The background was colored with eye shadow.

Yes, you heard that right. Eye shadow is a fun and interesting medium to color with. I can’t wait to see if I can find one of those really big eye shadow kits around Christmas time. Do they still make them? LOL! I’m not a big make-up person!

If you’d like to begin experimenting yourself, get a FREE SAMPLE of my book HERE, go color or stipple, then take a picture and send it to me so I can see!

sheri [at] coloristcafe [dot] com

The print version of the book is now available on Amazon with a Look Inside peak and it’s also set up over at Etsy where the digital ebook version is available to print on your favorite paper or card stock. (Etsy has the best price and as a bonus, you get a second ebook that’s the full photographic color version for your coloring inspiration!)

You can find all of them HERE.

Here’s to more coloring,
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  1. Sheri Prest-Herman says:

    Such a fun technique!

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