Christmas Ephemera Collection Christmas Tree Theme for Junk Journals

Celebrating Christmas in July & My Christmas Ephemera Collection

Christmas Ephemera Collection Christmas Tree Theme for Junk Journals

This month we’re celebrating Christmas in July, a holiday growing in popularity, that didn’t originate here in America.

It began in the Southern Hemisphere where December falls during the warm summer season.

Celebrating Christmas in July became a tradition for our southern friends to experience a wintery atmosphere, much like ours, only in July, and it brings to them the same spirit of joy and excitement as we feel in December.

Beside seasonal reversal and cultural tradition, it’s a reason to do something different, escape the winter blues, bring people together to partake of the nostalgia and festivity.

Some festive activities you can do together to create a social, family-oriented atmosphere during this season are:

  • Christmas Carol Singing – Create a playlist with lyrics printed out.
  • View a Christmas Movie – What’s your fave?
  • Bake Cookies – Gather a group to bake different batches and do a Cookie Exchange.
  • Create Gingerbread Houses – Decorate with all kinds of fun candy.
  • Make Holiday Cards – Use some of the materials listed below to make some beautiful cards!
  • Decorate Together – Whether it’s the Christmas Tree, or other decorating, throw on some music, eat some cookies and have a merry time!
christmas ephemera collection graph paper

Another activity, and reason I’m celebrating Christmas in July is… Drum roll please…


‘Christmas Ephemera Collection: Christmas Tree Theme for Junk Journals’ – Digital Download Version!

This is the most recent in my collection that I’ve created. I was inspired to create it because Christmas was coming, and I love Christmas trees, but the biggest reason was because just prior, I was introduced to Junk Journaling by an online friend. I discovered a new passion–and just HAD to create something for it! The first version is published on Amazon.

Christmas Ephemera Collection mini file folders

But now I’ve created a new version! It’s the DIGITAL VERSION. A digital download (PDF) that you can get immediately and print yourself! And my Etsy Shop has the BEST priced deal HERE!

The Amazon (<–my affiliate link) version is a perfect-bound hard-copy book you order and wait for it to be shipped to you.

Both versions contain:

  • Several sizes of designs
  • Background pages
  • Lined pages
  • Many elements

I created a video flip-through so you can get a better view of the details inside:

You don’t really need anything special to create with these pages. You can journal right in the book or cut it up and use the elements to glue in your own notebook or other junk journal book or ‘base.’ You probably have scissors, glue and paper of some sort. If you have a few extra items, they come in handy. Here are a few other things you might have around the house you can use:

Christmas Ephemera Collection buttons
  • Junk Mail
  • Old Holiday Cards
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Paper Scraps
  • Stickers
  • Washi Tape
  • Vintage Postcards
  • Stamps
  • And the list goes on! Whatever ‘junk’ you have that you can glue in!

The best benefits of these designs are their variety and versatility, suitability for junk journaling or scrapbooking enthusiasts, and the ability to help the crafter wind down and de-stress.

Christmas Tree Theme for Junk Journals

My favorite designs (scattered through the post) are:

  • The scene from the cover because it has a calming effect on me.
  • The graph paper designs because I have a thing for graph paper.
  • The 4 bears standing in front of the Christmas tree because they represent my grandchildren.
  • The tiny folders because they are SO CUTE.
  • The ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) because they are ready to trade or alter and then trade.
  • And of course the faux stamps and buttons because they are also cute!

You may even have a few friends you could spread the cheer with who’d like a copy as a gift, or a group–such as Seniors, that’d like to get together weekly to craft with it!

Christmas Ephemera Collection Christmas Tree Theme for Junk Journals

Go explore the 70+ pages and get ready for a festive Christmas in July crafting experience!

Find the hard-copy at Amazon.

Or for the digital download (PDF) that’s the BEST DEAL HERE at ETSY!

This is a digital download that you can IMMEDIATELY print yourself on your favorite paper or cardstock and get crafting right away! This download is for your personal use only.

Side Note:

In case you’re wondering what the heck ‘Ephemera’ is, I didn’t know either!

In fact, I wondered how in the world you even pronounced it. It’s actually pretty easy though.

I just tell everyone you just say the letters ‘FM’ and then add ‘er-uh.’

So FM-er-uh, and in short, it means collectible memorabilia.

But it can be so much more… Don’t worry, I’ll be doing some more posts on this topic soon!

Till next time,

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