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Button Day

button day

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Who’d ever think a small button would have a day? It does. It may not seem worthwhile, but have you ever considered life without these handy little fasteners? They were first formed from curved shells way, way back years and years before Christ by an ancient civilization. (I didn’t add the date because that stuff usually makes my eyes glaze over! You?)

These early people first used them ornamentally to indicate wealth or status, and even in our own time, have shown up among the rich and famous, especially in political ranks. It’s no wonder really because some of these small gems can be a piece of art all their own! Made from materials such as wood, metal, and plastic, and more, they also come in every shape, color, size, and style! What’s not to love?

Whether you love buttons or not (which I do), their impact is large, even in their practical purpose–holding our shirts, pants, purses and many other items together.

Button collectors save them not only for the functional side of things, but also to create art and make crafty items themselves.

I love buttons and have a small collection, but you don’t have to love them or collect them to enjoy the fun you can get out of them.

I’ve compiled a list of things you can do to celebrate this day, or to just use as activity ideas for a button topic anytime of year.

-First off, check out how buttons are made. See How It’s Made – Buttons on YouTube.

If you don’t have your own collection of buttons, start one! Or find some at your local hobby store or on Amazon. The buttons shown above were rated on Amazon as the BEST VARIETY, and the ones below were rated the MOST UNIQUE. **NOTE: There is a huge difference in the number pieces you get in each package, so know what quantity you’re for the price!**

Jar for Storage – You can find jars anywhere, but if you don’t have one to store your buttons, you’ll want one. So much nicer when they’re on display!

Silhouette Art – This is quite a popular one among Activity workers. Buttons and other materials are glued onto silhouettes to make a design. Any silhouette can be used but some of the most popular are women in fancy dresses, animals and trees. These can be framed after drying.

Button Frames – Purchase frames of any size you prefer and glue buttons to them to create a fun design, or just fill with all sorts of buttons!

Button Votives – With this craft you’ll glue buttons onto the outside of a glass votive dish, jar or vase. You’ll need glue that adheres to glass.

Button Tray – Purchase wooden trays on Amazon or visit your local craft or thrift store. Glue buttons onto the bottom inside surface to create a button-y texture. Another version is to cover the sides or even cover the entire thing with buttons!

Christmas OrnamentsMake-Your-Own Cinnamon Stick Tree Ornament or choose from a tree, santa or snowman made from buttons.

Button flowers – If you know me at all, I’m going to add something about flowers somewhere in as many posts as I can! I’m a flower lover and can’t help myself! I just adore these two styles of button flowers here and here.

Large Button Tree – If you’re looking for a more extensive project to work on, try something like this wall art done on a large canvas.

National Button Foundation – Believe it or not, there is a foundation that celebrates all who like to craft and collect buttons. There is a membership you can join and many other resources and ideas on their site.

Button Country – This is a educational resource site for button collectors by the National Button Society. It’s loaded with all kinds of info about buttons, but if you are a beginner and want to learn more about button collecting read more here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed exploring all the various ideas you can do with buttons. Even if you’re not into celebrating Button day or button collecting, it’s an interesting theme to delve into sometime when you’re in need of something a little unique.

Till next time,

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