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I’ve just created a coloring companion to go along with my Butterfly Prayer Journal.

Inspiration for the Coloring Book

The inspiration for doing this was from one of my readers who loved the idea of the prayer journal, but thought the grayscale images were so pretty that she wanted to be able to color them. Her suggestion was to create the images without the lines on them, so I did! (More on that in a minute.)

Creating the companion book also inspired me to color a page! 😀

I printed one of my favorite butterflies from the book and colored it with Prismacolors Premier colored pencils.

Coloring the Background

The background I colored was inspired by this post about pastels, but I used a little different technique I tried a few years ago when I was making another project.

card stock template

I took a piece of card stock and cut it along the edge into random shapes like the one shown.

Next I colored the edges with chalk pastels. Not much of the chalk is needed. (My template looks like it has lots of color, but that’s because I’ve used it more than once.)

Then I placed the card stock on the coloring page and rubbed the pastel dust with my index finger in a upward movement to rub it off onto the page.

*You’ll need to hold the card stock firmly on the page so it doesn’t slip. It won’t be a tragedy if it moves, but you may end up with color where you didn’t want it.*

Move the template around on the page as desired and keep rubbing the edge until most of the color is gone. If you need more, add more to the template. (Pastels last a long time when you use them in this manner!)

When you’re done, you will want to use a fixative spray to seal the pastels and keep them from rubbing off the page.

I used hair spray to seal mine. This isn’t necessarily the best method but I’ve used it before and it’s what I had on hand. (If you choose to use hair spray, you may need two layers to fully seal it and you will have to let it dry for a while before touching it.)

More About the Butterfly Coloring Book

This LARGE FORMAT (8.5″ x 11″), 26 page book includes 26 grayscale butterfly designs to color. On the back of the pages you’ll find blank lines for journal writing or notes.

Enjoy this coloring book yourself and unwind from life’s stressors or buy it as a gift for a friend or family member.

**Colored pencils ARE recommended
for coloring these grayscale images.**

**Markers are NOT RECOMMENDED,
as they will rub the ink off the pages and ruin the designs.**

Video Walk-Through

Go get your copy today!

Coloring Book

Butterfly Coloring Book: Grayscale Coloring – Amazon listing – (LARGE FORMAT – 8.5″ x 11″)

Prayer Journals

Prayer Journal: Butterfly Christian Daily Notebook – Amazon listing – (SMALL FORMAT – 6″ x 9″)

Here’s to more coloring!


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