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New Adult Coloring Books by Coloring Bliss

coloring bliss

I have some exciting news concerning a fun adult coloring website, Coloring Bliss, formerly known as Coloring Pages Bliss.

Jennifer Stay, the artist behind Coloring Bliss, and her husband, Steve, have announced a big change and new phase (Phase 1, with Phase 2 coming in 2018) in their business.

They’ve been busy bees (to say the least) in the past several months preparing for these changes. Everything from re-branding their company, setting up a new art studio, and cleaning out part of their basement to set up a new private in-house print shop!

Congratulations to both of them on their new endeavor! 😀

Jennifer and Steve held a spur-of-the-moment Facebook Live event over the weekend (12/16/17) to make the announcement, and you can check out the video yourself below.

If you’re strapped for time, I’ve highlighted time-stamps underneath the video of especially important information you might want to know.

Time Stamps are approximate, not exact.

5 minute mark 

  • Announcement of 2 new adult coloring books (one of which is a holiday book!)
  • Options available – YOU get to pick!
  • Product Features
  • Phase 2 hint for 2018
  • How to get their free gift of 24 Coloring Gift Tags

8 minute mark

  • 4 Recommended Paper Types (including a new fabulous kind!)
  • More Information about Features and Add-Ons

16 minute mark – Tiny hint about Phase 2

23- 24 minute mark – Information about watercolor paper and international shipping
26 minute mark – Perforation Story – To be, or not to be perforation?
32 minute mark

  • Some Pricing info
  • Another New Product (Hint: You’ll want to check your printer specs to see what kind of GSMs your printer can handle.)

43 to 44 minute mark – Final New Product announcement (It’s unusual and nobody else is doing it!)

50 minute mark

  • Thickness comparison between their new coloring book and 4 other coloring books so you can see the quality and quantity.
  • The magic number to know about paper – GSMs, not pounds!

1 hr, 6 minute mark – Another hint about what’s coming in 2018, Phase 2
1 hr, 14 minute mark – Demo of water-based markers on Mixed Media paper VS. Marker Paper

As you can see, there was a lot of love and energy put into this project! (And isn’t it cute how you can hear the excitement in their voices and in the expressions of Jennifer’s hands?)

Something else I wanted to bring to your attention. Jennifer said that she would be doing a tour of her new art studio and some new tutorials on one of her new products in 2018, so keep an eye out for those.

And finally here’s the link to their Shop so you can go check out what they have available:

Here’s to more coloring!


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