Sheri Prest-Herman

Hi, I’m Sheri, CCBW (Chief Cook and Bottle Washer) at home, and here on the website. 😉

I’m a homeschooling grandma who enjoys creating various printables and low-content books.

Colorist Cafe began in 2015 as a creative outlet to share about coloring and other similar projects.

But just as life does not remain the same and includes all kinds of colors and facets, seasons and changes, the site had to follow suit.

Recently I’ve updated the menu here to include sharing about some of my other interests such as our homeschooling projects, and our very latest ‘special’, activities for seniors (more on this in a minute)!

The last couple years I’ve spent a ton of time focused on learning about and adjusting to homeschooling my three grandchildren, and for the most part my ‘hobbies’ have taken a back seat.

As time has passed we’ve adjusted fairly well and settled into routines that help us all keep on track (for the most part). And as you might guess, it’s been extremely important for me to add some creative projects back in for my sanity at times! LOL!

Tharp Art quote

Another added dimension to my life is activities for seniors. This addition to the site came about partly by accident and partly not.

I recently became a young senior, so this is the ‘partly not’ part. 🙂

The other part that was ‘by accident’ was my initial desire to do some voluteer work (where I might be able to involve the children), but to make a long story shore, Covid hit and changed my plans. (I suppose that’s no surprise to you, since we’ve all been in the same boat.)

Anyway, right at the beginning of Covid I heard of all kinds of activities workers in need of activity ideas they could do with their elderly residents, so I started a Facebook group because I wanted to help. Many independent seniors have also joined in need of entertainment as well.

I love seeking out and supplying creative resources and enriching activities, so I’m committed to making this site an informative and useful place for you and other like-minded creatives to hang out, gather ideas and collaborate.

Speaking of collaborating, I love connecting with you, answering your questions, and sharing the relevant information and resources you want. What specific related topics would you like to see here?

Connect with me on social media or contact me directly to tell me!

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I’m so glad you discovered Colorist Cafe!

Thank you for coming and DO stick around to see everything that’s available is on the site! Start here.

Here’s to more creating!

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Updated: 3/8/2023