Weekly Activities for Seniors in Nursing Homes

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Weekly Activities for Seniors in Nursing Homes

Weekly activities for seniors in nursing homes ideas are in demand and this book is a great resource to help those working with the elderly to fill or supplement their calendars, or even spur more ideas.

I purchased this book and am glad I did. (A full review will be coming soon.)

One thing you should be aware of before you purchase, is that their calendar is based on UK holidays.

This fact is not mentioned in the Amazon description, however some reviews mention it and the Look Inside feature on the listing shows the Table of Contents which lists all the topics, holidays and otherwise. Though I live in the USA, this wasn't a deal breaker for me to buy the book. For one, it gives me awareness of other's cultural celebrations--which is a good thing (and I can share that in our homeschooling). Another reason I wasn't deterred is because with multiple options available, it's not too difficult to choose another topic that month or even trade out one of the UK holidays for one from your own country and gather your own materials.

Jam packed with year round themes, you'll find each chapter includes a section of questions to reminisce and start discussions and 5+ other ideas you can work from, some of which are more active and some that are meant to work the brain. Incidently the Look Inside feature also shows a sample of the types of ideas available throughout the book. I thought it was cool that there are even some printables we have permission to copy--marked with large visible checkmarks on the pages.

The ideas in this book are intended to stimulate positive engagement and enjoyment and are suited for various abilities, but use your own judgement based on your individual's needs.

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